Sunday, April 26, 2009

Marriage matching

A lot of careful procedures are being followed in a traditional Hindu marriage.

  • Gothram (gotra / gothra):
    Usually, bride’s gothra (gothram) and her mother’s gothra should not be the same that of groom’s and his mother’s. Dissimilar gotras (gothrams) are the requirement for an arranged marriage.
  • Horoscope:
    For the traditional Hindu marriages, while selecting suitable bride or bride groom, all Nakshatras (stars) and Rashis are eligible. The bride’s Nakshatram (star) and Rashi are carefully analysed for suitability to be matched with those of the groom. Also their horoscopes are thoroughly studied.
  • Gun (Gunam) milan:
    A minimum of 21gunas out of the total of 36 should match. Relaxations are found here and there.
  • Nadi dosha:
    Both the bride and the groom should not have same nadi. It is believed that same nadi affects their health and that of their children.