Saturday, November 13, 2010

Marriage Halls in Dindigul

  • A.K.S Mahal - Natham Road
  • Berna Mahal -Trichy Road
  • Co-op Housing Board society Hall -Ganapathi Agraharam, Dindigul
  • Christhuva Vanniar Mahal -L.G.B. Compound, V.M.R.Patti
  • C.S.G.R. Mandapam -Muniappan Kovil St, Dindigul
  • Deivanai Ammal Mahalinga Nadar Thirumana Mandapam -Natham Road
  • Ethuka Pallivasal Thirumana Mandapam -R. V. Nagar, Dindigul
  • Geetha Illam Thirumana Mandapam -Opposite to Annamalaiyar School
  • Indu Vanniar Thirumana Mandapam -Mettupatti
  • K.G.R. Thirumana Mandapam -R.S.road
  • Kamarajar Kalayana Mandapam -Siluvathur Road
  • Kalpothu Nadar Thirumana Mandapam -Solai Hall Road
  • Krishna Mani kallar Community Hall -Thadicombu Road
  • Lions Club Thirumana Mandapam -M.S.P. Salai
  • Naidu Mahajanam Thirumana Mandapam -Round Road
  • N.S. Commuity Hall -R.S. road
  • Nagarathar Thirumana Mandapam -Opposite to Kudakanaru Illam
  • Narayana Iyer Mandapam -Y.M.R.Patti
  • P.K.G.Thirumana Mandapam      -R.S.Road
  • Ramalakshmi Mahal -Thiruvalluvar Salai
  • Rajalakshmi Thirumana Mandapam      -Natham Road
  • Sakthivel Mandram -East Govindapuram
  • Sahaya Matha Makkal Mandram -Kamala Nehru Mat. Centre Street
  • Sathankudi Nadar Thirumana Mandapam - Madurai Road
  • Savai Perumakkal Thirumana Mandapam - West Govindapuram
  • S.K.C. Thirumana Mandapam -Ramanathapuram
  • Thirupathi venkatajalapathi Thirumana Mandapam -Solai Hall Road
  • Tharagu Mandi Varthaga Sanga Thirumana Mandapam -Palani Road
  • Tharagu Mandi Gumasthakkal Thirumana Mandapam -Nandavanam Road
  • Viswakarma Thirumana Mandapam -R.V.Nagar, Near Fire Station

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tulsi Vivah

Tulasi Kalyanam / Tulasi Vivaaham, Thulasi Thirumanam

Tulsi means Holy Basil. Vivah means marriage. Here, The Tulsi weds the Hindu god Vishnu or his avatar Krishna.

The tulsi plant is held sacred by the Hindus as it is regarded as an incarnation of Mahalakshmi / Mahalaxmi, born as Vrinda (Brinda).

She is often called as Vishnupriya, the beloved of Vishnu

The Tulsi wedding signifies the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the Hindu wedding season.

As per Hindu mythology, Vrinda (Tulsi) was married to demon king Jalandhar. He was the king of oceans and had immense powers. Demon Jalandar harassed all. Due to the effect of prayer of Tulsi, he became invincible, and no god was able to harm him. However Jalandhar was killed by Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu took the form of Jalandhar and stayed with Tulsi. Vrinda crused Vishnu and turned Him into a special auspicious stone called Shaligram and then burnt herself on her husband's funeral pyre. The Tulsi plant came into existence from her body. (Tulsi leaves are essential for Vishnu pooja / puja).  Lord Vishnu declared that those who perform the sacred marriage of Tulsi with Him (Vishnu) will get great merits and devotion. Tulsi vivah is being celebrated in different days in different parts of India, but usually on Prabodhini Ekadashi. It is an important ritual observed in the month of Kartik (October – November).On this wedding day, tulsi is married to Shaligram.

The marriage of Tulsi with Lord Maha Vishnu resembles the traditional Hindu wedding. Vrindavan (Tulsivan) is coloured and decorated as a bride. Sugarcane, branches of tamarind tree and that of gooseberry (amla) are kept near the tulsi plant. Various vegetarian food are offered to Tulsi Vrindavan and Lord Maha Vishnu and the Prasadam (Prasad) is distributed to all.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marriage arranging services.

Marriage arranging services.

In India there are a lot of matrimonial services, assisting those willing to marry. These services generally help in arranging the weddings in many ways. Starting from the selection of a suitable bride or a bridegroom, these marriage information centres play many vital and important roles.

Matching of horoscope is generally considered important. There are brokers for the arrangement of weddings. Many Hindus believe in astrology. Therefore they give the horoscopes of those to be married to the marriage brokers to search and find perfect or at least suitable match. The matrimonial service people give very useful services to select respective life partners. Recently I viewed a simple advertisement for assisting arranged marriages.

The content of the advertisement says as under.

P.R. Marriage information centre

Ours is a social service. We undertake matrimonial service for the people of all religions and casts. It is a wedding service. People who search for suitable life partners (Spouse) are requested to visit our marriage arranging service.

Are you looking for a suitable bride or a bridegroom? Please visit us at the following address. No registration charges. Free booking. Select suitable horoscopes at the rate of only Rs.30/- per horoscope. No broker commission.

K. Ponnuchamy Asari,
P.R. store,
Main Road,
Opposite to canara Bank,
Natham – 624401
Dindigul District,

Mobile phone (Cell)  +91 9943573242 

K. Ponnuchamy Achari is a well reputed business person in Natham. His father, P. Kulanthaivelu Achari had been a well known Viswakarma Nattanmaikarar in Natham.  Now also one can find a street in this town bearing his name “Kulanthaivelu Achari Street”. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Manglik dosh bride to marry Sacred fig

If a Hindu bride has Manglik dosh (chevvai Dosham), the bride groom also should have it. Then the effect of one is cancelled by the other. This is a major problem in finding a suitable bride or bride groom. Several marriages are delayed in proper match finding process.

In Hindu tradition, if the broom doesn’t have the manglik dosh, in order to neutralize the influence of evil manglik dosh of the bride, she should marry a Sacred fig tree (Peepal / peepul / pippala / Arasa maram / Arayal) or a plantain tree (banana tree / vazhai maram / vaalai maram / waalai maram) before the broom ties the Mangal sutra. This is a cleansing ceremony. Alternatively, the bride marries a clay urn and breaks it soon after the nuptial ceremonies. This signifies that the bride has become a widow, and the manglik dosh (chevvai Dosham) problem has been solved.