Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hindu weddings and mehendi

Mehendi, also called henna / heena / maruthani is usually the must for Indian marriages. No tattoo piercing is involved. Needle is not used. It is totally temporary.

  • A Hindu wedding includes a number of religious rites before and during the nuptials.
  • The reddish brown color of mehendi is considered to bring prosperity.
  • The mehendi patterns used for weddings are much more intricate and time consuming. This helps the bride’s friends to give her useful advices.
  • Mehendi has cooling property. It is believed that it soothes the nerves of the bride.
  • It is believed that newly married woman, when gets dark color mehendi impression will get a loads of love and caring from her husband.
  • It is also believed that the darker the color of the Mehendi on the bride’s palms and feet, the stronger and greater will be the love between her and her mother in-law.